Husuppvärmning -den rökfria kaminen

There are many ways to heat houses, real estate and premises, even separate rooms. Not a heat system is combined with another such as pellet boiler and electric heating. If the pellet boiler does not work, the electricity goes in and supports, even if the boiler stops, if the pellet is to run out, the electricity will automatically go in and heat up instead.

In recent years, the development of chimney-free and non-smoking chimneys has moved forward, and today they look like any other stove, except for the absence of chimney. This can be a complement to the existing house warming, because have not we all been in a house sometime where a room is always colder than everyone else? And if now the room has been turned into computer rooms, it’s not nice to sit there and freeze when you have quality time on the internet. A chimney-free stove is not just an extra heat source, it’s a mood and myth factor too. Imagine sitting in a comfortable armchair with your laptop in your knee and playing your favorite games at Casino Calzone while a fire throws light and shadows around you. Surely it sounds wonderful? If you win a little extra slings then the evening can not get better.

A smoke-free, or chimney-free stove is boiled with bioethanol. You can almost call it floating by. The bioethanol is poured into one or more containers and then usually burns between two and four hours. How much heat, or energy, this type of stove generates depends on the model and it usually varies between 1-3 kW. A room of 10 square meters is heated without any problems.

Should you miss it with the sight of burning woods, then there’s a fine to it too. Ceramic woods, so wood ceramics that are colored as really burning wood are available, and if you put some of them in the stove it looks almost like a real fire.

A chimney-free stove just where you want it while sitting and playing at your favorite casino makes anyone happy for a while.